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...And The World Held Its Breath.
A Marauders-Era RPG
RP: And the world keeps turning 
17th-Jan-2007 07:06 pm

Date: 3rd September, 1975
Character(s): James Potter, Lily Evans, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Marlene McKinnnon, Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Black
Location: Library
Status: Public
Summary: After a long potions lesson the 7th year students find out they have a major project to work on in pairs.
Completion: Incomplete

Lily Evans found herself heading towards the library after their potions lesson. Not only had she been given a lovely potions partner to work with they were also given their first major assignment of the year. They had been warned that the work was just going to get more difficult now that they were preparing for NEWTs. Unfortunately Professor Slughorn had quite the sense of humor that day. They were given a project to work in pairs and her partner had been none other then Sirius Black himself. Just great, she didn’t get the master, she got the mutt. She would shake her head as her light footsteps led her towards the library. They would need a few tomes in the Restricted section since they were each given a different potion to research.

Lily was horrified to find out that her partner was Sirius Black himself. Ever since their first year she could never remember ever seeing Sirius Black within the confines of the Library. Did he even know where it was? She wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t. But despite all that she had told him to meet her there. Lily hadn’t waited for him; he seemed quite busy ribbing James for his misfortune when it had come to lab partners. And he hadn’t seemed too interested in what she had to say. She even doubted he’d show up, which meant she would be working alone on most of the project. Something she wasn’t looking forward to in the least.

Finally she had reached the large oak doors that held all the knowledge one would want to gain – the Library. Reaching for the handle she pulled the door open, slipping inside the vast room. A smile would grace her perfect lips as long lashes fluttered closed over emerald eyes. She would take a deep breath, inhaling the scent of old tomes – her favorite smell in all the world. Lashes would flutter open to gaze around the high ceiling room. Tall book stakes would be found everywhere. She had to duck her head as a book came flying passed her to go b back into its proper place. This had been her favorite place in the castle and she would come here often when she had free time. Walking to the back corner of the room, weaving in and out of the shelves she would find herself in a deserted corner of the Library, close to the Restricted section. Lily would throw her satchel on the table, taking a seat in one of the chairs. Reaching inside the bag she would pull out her notes from that day’s lesson.

Peering over her cursive she would review the assignment at hand before she pulled out a few pieces of parchment, her ink well, and her eagle feathered quill. She would scribble down an online of exactly what needed to be done for the assignment. Reaching up she would pull out the hair tie holding up her crimson locks so that they would fall down her back in waves. With a shake of her head they would bounce around before settling. Lily would reread what she had just written down on the parchment. Unconsciously she would bite down on the end of her quill in thought. A habit she had developed over the years.

Glancing towards the side her emerald gaze would fall on Madam Pince herself. She offered the aging woman a smile. She had always adored Madam Pince and would talk to the woman from time to time. Some would suggest Lily had always had special treatment from the librarian. Whether that was true or not she couldn’t say but she hadn’t found anything wrong with the woman. Of course Lily had heard stories from the other students but she never believed them.

“Lily dear we’ve received some new charms books today. I’ve got them behind my desk for you if you’d like to take a look at them.”

“I’ll come round later to see. Thank you Madam Pince, I might need your help locating a few books later.”

“Quite alright dear. I’ll be running around the library for a few moments but I should be back at my desk shortly. Good day Ms. Evans.”

Lily smiled at the retreating woman’s back. She still couldn’t understand how just a nice lady could be so misconstrued. A slight shrug of her shoulders would be given as she heard the distinct shushing in the distance.

"This is a library! Keep your voices down!”

Well maybe she was coddled by the school’s librarian but only because she was pleasant to the old woman. There wasn’t anything wrong with being friendly. Still no sign of Black of course though and she was about to give up hope he’d even show up. Then again she had situated herself at a table that hadn’t been in view of the door. Lily usually found herself in this corner but Black wouldn’t know about that, would he? A sigh would escape those lips; he would get an ear full later. There was no way she was going to work on this project by herself, none at all.
18th-Jan-2007 03:14 am (UTC)
Alright, that was certainly another mark on the weird scale for this year. First there'd been his surprisingly civil chat with Lily in the Heads carriage on the way here, not to mention the fact that he was Head Boy on top of everything else, but now he was able to sit for an hour with Narcissa Black of all people without hexing her into oblivion.

And was it just him, or was she flirting with him?

Maybe. It wouldn't be a bad thing he guessed, she was rather...shapely...especially under her school robes. But she wasn't his type. In fact, he was sure that he'd seen his type go this way after class. Although the pairings in the classroom had been slightly disastrous for some (he was still smirking over Sirius' face when he got sorted with Snivellus), Slughorn apparently had a shred of compassion somewhere within his heart, and had set them fairly decent homework partners. Well, he'd set him one at least, Moony was an excellent person to work with...whether Sirius would survive (or even attend) any extra-curricular activity with Evans was yet to be seen.

He glanced around the corridors, feeling more chipper than he had in days. It was one of those afternoons that epitomised the end of an Indian summer - the weather was still warm, the ground retaining the heat from the height of its blaze during the day even as it took on a soft, golden glow, hints of orange playing around the edges of the objects that it fell on. He walked through the courtyard leisurely - Potions had been his last lesson for the day and he saw no need to hurry to the Library, especially since Remus had told him he'd meet him there in a bit. So instead he just enjoyed the fresh air, weaving his way through the scattered groups of people that were clustered here and there, nodding at those he knew and smiling at those he didn't, giving a reassuring wink to a timid-looking first year Hufflepuff who seemed to be spinning around in confusion.

Cocking his head slightly, he stopped in front of her.

"Everything alright?" He asked, squinting slightly as he turned more to avoid the direct light of the setting sun. As the girl looked up her eyes widened, obviously catching the glint of his badge.

"Imfinethanks," She mumbled, blushing before speeding off. "Justgottafindthelibrary..."

"But the Library's..." He shouted, pointing to the opposite direction that she'd rushed off to. "That way..." He finished, before shrugging and making his way through the cloisters to enter the building. It took him a few more minutes (and an inordinate amount of willpower to resist docking some points from Slytherin after a passing comment from a fourth year about the Gryffindor Quidditch team) to reach the Library, but he pushed through the doors noisily as he arrived.

"Shhh!" Came the immediate, automatic response from Madam Pince, which was answered with a rolling of the eyes from the Head Boy. The old bat had always seemed to have it in for him, ever since she'd caught him playing catch with Snivellus' latest withdrawal with Remus once in third year. He could remember the agony of the detention even now...the sheer boredom of filing entry after entry into the filefax that, he was sure, inked itself. He cast about for the Potions section, moving towards it with a renewed vigour as the tranquility that comes so naturally with such a place set in. Scanning the rows of texts, he moved along, running his fingers over the spines as he searched for the one he wanted, mumbling under his breath as he did so.

"Precarious Potions, Unstable Solutions, Slinkhard's Guide to..." He said, before a flash of red in the corner of his vision caught his eye. Grinning widely, he made his way over to the table in the corner, hidden from view by the stack he'd been perusing just moments before.

"Evans!" He said cheerfully, taking a seat across from her. "Fancy meeting you in a place like this." He glanced down at the book she was reading from, taking note of the title.

Dammit, that was the one he wanted.

"Err," He started, pointing at the book with his right hand, the ever-present snitch closed between his grasp. "You gonna be much longer with that? Me and Remus'll need it before too long."
18th-Jan-2007 04:40 am (UTC)
Lily’s body completely froze at the voice that filled her ears. Immediately she stopped biting down on the end of her quill, it had accidentally fallen to the floor when her lips parted to hang slightly. That voice snapped her out of concentration, shocking her. Her emerald gaze traveled up to find none other then James Potter himself standing before her table. She was surprised to find him standing right there. Without asking her he just sat right down. Over the first few days of being back there hadn’t been one outburst.

It seemed the school had been waiting in anticipation for it since they were very common. But it hadn’t come. So far they were getting along but it still didn’t change her feelings towards him. True he was proving himself capable of being a Head Boy but he was still the same old James Potter that would pull a prank or two on her in their first year. She had liked him once. Although Lily had given up on that notion the moment he threw a dungbomb at her in the common room in their fourth year. Ever since then she realized he would never mature. That hadn’t stopped her from thinking about him though. How had her mind drifted towards this subject? She had to mentally shake her head back on track. Lily found herself doing that more and more around him. Stop acting silly around him! Lily would chastise herself for the tenth time that day. This was just James Potter. She gave him a nod of acknowledgement though as her gaze fell down towards the quill, reaching for it down on the ground but it had slid over towards his side of the table.

“Would you mind?”

She asked curiously, sitting back up in her chair. Fancy seeing her there? Either that was carefully said sarcasm or he was actually being genuine in his statement. Lily couldn’t help but be guarded around him as her shield went up around her. Keeping an eye out for him, wondering exactly when the façade would drop and the real James Potter would creep up on her. It was only a matter of time in her mind.

“Well someone has to do the work on this project. And if Black ever decides to grace us with his presence I won’t have to do all the work.”

Lily remained somewhat civil for the time being as she sorted through her notes carefully. She glanced towards the book on her table he was indicating. She would still need it for now but she may as well be pleasant and keep up pretenses.

“I’ll probably need that one for a while but if you’d like to take a look you’re more than welcome to borrow it for a few moments.”
18th-Jan-2007 04:49 pm (UTC)
"Would I mind wha-oh..." He caught on, bending to pick up her quill. He straightened and passed it back to her, his fingers accidentally-on-purpose brushing hers ever so slightly as he did so. She was staring at him suspiciously, but in all honesty, he was used to that now - it seemed that the redhead was constantly on the watch for his next move, purposefully waiting to see what she could pick him up on next.

He didn't think on it. After all, on closer analysis it didn't do wonders for his chances with her and as Sirius said on trying to understand the opposite sex, "In that way lies madness". Or so he thought, as he realised that she was talking again.

"I'm sure he'll arrive." He said, leaning back in the chair. "If he doesn't, I'll tell him to get his arse down to the library. There's no guarantee he'll listen, of course, but it's worth a shot. Sirius generally is as Sirius does."

He shook his head at her next comment. "No, it's fine. Remus isn't here yet anyway, just needed something out of the third chapter when he does come. Besides," He shrugged, "I'm sure I could get a copy of it sent from home, Mum probably has something like it." He picked at the string of his bag strap absently, glancing towards the high windows and wishing that he was outside in the warm Autumn afternoon once more, maybe around the Great Lake...or on the Quidditch field...

Vaguely, he realised that he was daydreaming, and simply sitting at the table with Lily rudely. He cleared his throat and took his parchment, quills and ink out, opening his Potions book at the recipe for the Draught of Hercules. Whilst he wouldn't write on the book itself (Remus would probably have an aneurysm), he always wrote down the small corrections and failed additions to his potions that he'd tried during the lesson after it had ended. His notebook was actually becoming fairly sizeable now, and combined with his Herbology notes he was wondering if he didn't have enough to have a textbook of his own. Not that he would, of course. James was a highly creative person, but his talents were more focused on things that would divert his mind, as opposed to stimulating it. He was one of those people who was born with an easy intelligence, one that came as naturally to him and as conveniently as breathing, but he'd yet to decide whether that was a good or a bad thing.

"So how are you finding it?" He asked after a while, stopping to blot a drop of ink that had spilled onto his notes. "Being Head Girl I mean? Aside from small, first year Hufflepuffs being terrified of me, I haven't noticed much difference...except in workload of course. And the private quarters."
18th-Jan-2007 05:13 pm (UTC)
Well it seemed like James Potter would be staying longer as her emerald gaze spied him emptying his satchel out. Lily was able to hold back the sigh as she took the proffered quill. Once again she unconsciously found herself nibbling on the bottom lower lip as his fingertips barely grazed he soft skin. It had been the briefest of touches and yet had sent an odd feeling throughout her body. She pulled her hand back as if she had been burned – what was going on with her? Glancing back down towards her parchment she had gone back to her notes. The silence was welcomed at the moment and James seemed to be phasing in and out. Not that she minded or found it rude at the present moment. Lily had chanced a small glance at the rather large notebook he had bee scribbling in, surprised to even find he carried notes around. Not something she would have expected from him of all people. And as expected Sirius Black had yet to show up; that had been expected.

“I enjoy it very much. It’s nice to have students looking up to you.”

A light chuckle escaped her lips at the thought of the little Hufflepuff first years. Small glimpses of a genuine smile could be seen which actually had some connection to James Potter himself. Shocking to say the least of course. Lily hadn’t mentioned the parent about being muggleborn and holding on to the position of Head Girl. It only had made her more the target of Slytherin torment. They wouldn’t openly do anything, not yet anyway but she had kept her eye on them. No matter how much she tried the politics of the wizarding world continued to creep onto school grounds. Perhaps it wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Handle the situation on her own but she felt she had to make some strides.

“How about you Potter? Missing the life of a miscreant?”

No slips yet but she couldn’t help but feel the real James Potter would emerge sooner or later. As usual she would end up disappointed; there was no reason to get her hopes up over this. It was James Potter. Enough said. After almost six years he had been the same and now he just changed. Was it even possible? For some probably so but she was far from believing there was a permanent change, especially with the incidents that went on last year.
18th-Jan-2007 05:44 pm (UTC)
He raised an eyebrow at her choice of words, glancing up from his writing and grinning at the flashes of a smile beginning to flicker in the corners of her mouth.

"Nobody ever said I gave it up. Maybe I'm just as bad as I always was, but you just haven't caught me yet?" He reasoned, underlining a particular point about not using Herrigruff hairs in the Draught. The smell had been disastrously unpleasant, despite the benefits it gave in speeding up the Quickening of the Mercury Essence. "Of course," He shrugged, his eyes fixed on his parchment as he wrote, "Your words imply that I've not been behaving like one, so maybe I've always been like this really and people just think that they know me." He glanced up, his eyebrows raising slightly before he finished adding the last root he and Narcissa had added today. With a sigh, he read over his notes once more before waving his wand over the page, casting a drying spell on it non-verbally as he closed the book, placing it back inside his satchel.

He leaned back in the chair again as he stared at the window, hoping that Remus would turn up soon. It wasn't that he didn't want to be in Evans' company, despite the very civil edge to it, it was just that he'd rather be...out there, really. Summer was made for grass and giant squids, not for Libraries and stuffy books, and they'd been blessed with an extra-long one. Why they weren't taking advantage of it, he wasn't quite sure.

"So I saw you were paired with Malfoy in Potions. Imagine that was fun," His face grimaced slightly at the thought of the blonde Slytherin. They'd never seen eye-to-eye on...well...anything really, but unlike Snivellus, Malfoy seemed to understand the concept of simply avoiding each other wherever possible...not tagging along after his friends, trying to get them into trouble at any opportunity. They had an arrangement of animosity, but Slughorn had fractured that slightly today. "He didn't...give you any trouble, did he?" How did you phrase 'If he called you a mudblood, I'll hex him into next Thursday' tactfully? "Because...well...we know what he's like. His views particularly. I know me and Sirius would be more than happy to...have a word, if he's giving you grief?"
18th-Jan-2007 06:29 pm (UTC)
“Well then Potter you’ll just have to watch where you step then.”

Lily would be keeping an eye on him. After all they were examples for the school. One foot out of line and it would be both their heads. Something she wouldn’t be looking forward to. This was her chance to prove herself, the shine. She wasn’t just a muggleborn and she belonged in the wizarding world despite their stone age politics. Something she hoped to help change for future generations. Lily wasn’t about to let James Potter of all people ruin her chances at that. She took a glimpse towards him as she finally looked up from her parchment – a real look. Lily had always assumed there was more to him then he showed but a lack of maturity had prevented him from doing anything besides spending his time playing practical jokes with his buddies. She wouldn’t presume she knew him like a book. Lily only knew his past and that was all she had to judge him with.

“Oh yes, rather simulating in my opinion.”

The sarcasm reeked off her tongue as she thought of the past potions lesson. She had been about to hex that smirk off Lucius Malfoy’s face but she had to remind herself she was Head Girl. Not to mention she also had to be the better person. She took everything he threw at her and barely responded. Lily knew all too well the politics of Lucius Malfoy. It would be something she would have to handle and deal with. Lily highly doubted words would be all they would have. She was surprised he even offered to help though.

“It’s fine really. I can handle his lewd comments. He’s just blowing a lot of hot air that’s all.”

That wasn’t meant to be an excuse for Lucius though. Lily would deal with him in her own way. At least it was only potions they had to work together for the time being. One class. That was all. Quite simple, or so she thought. A quick change of subject though suited her.

“What about you and Narcissa?”

She had chanced a glanced for a moment towards their work station but quickly averted her eyes when Narcissa seemed to be openly flirting with him. It wasn’t her business and she had to pay attention to her own potion. So that had been the end of that.

18th-Jan-2007 07:38 pm (UTC)
He frowned again at her mention of the Black girl, rolling his eyes in mild exasperation.

"She's pretty insufferable...and I don't much like being used to make anyone jealous." He muttered. "Especially not Malfoy. But we have to get on for the project, so I had to lump all of her shit about blood and all the rest of it." Absently, he wondered if anyone else knew the Library existed other than them, the tables were very thinly occupied. "And this," he tapped his badge again slightly disdainfully. "Is making it very difficult to reply in the way that I'd actually like to." He stood up finally, walking over to the stacks again.

"May as well get started..." He mumbled to himself, pulling out a copy of "Elixirs & Enchantments: An Intermediate Guide To Bewitching The Faculties" before coming back to sit at the table, taking a clean sheet of parchment from his back again before dipping his quill in the inkpot and heading up the page.

"Who's on patrol tonight?" He asked after about five or ten minutes of quiet study, the fact that he really didn't know suddenly occurring to him in the dim sound of quills scratching on parchment. He knew that he should have memorised Lily's timetable last night, but honestly, Sirius and Peter had distracted him with the promise of a trip to the kitchens. Considering he'd missed most of dinner because of a fight between a Ravenclaw fifth year and a Gryffindor sixth year, he hadn't had the willpower (or the inclination) to say no. "Oh, and Dumbledore wants to see us tomorrow evening, he sent me a note in Transfiguration. Sorry, forgot to mention."
19th-Jan-2007 12:19 am (UTC)
“Well it seemed like you two were getting along famously.”

A smirk would grace her lips as a small blush creped on her porcelain skin. She tried to push the picture of Narcissa Black coming on to James Potter in the potions lab. She had almost added too much root into the potion which would have caused the potion to explode. Lucius Malfoy of course had picked up on her mistake and took great pleasure in correcting her much to her dismay. Lily already had him rambling off about her tainted blood; she didn’t need the added sarcasm.

“I had to sit and listen to Lucius Malfoy ramble on his own ideologies.”

Another chuckle had escaped her lips. Leave it to James to be held back by a badge, she was surprised he was able to hold back at all. Lily was glad he had kept his tongue in check; there should be no reason for Gryffindor to lose any housepoints this early in the term. Out of the corner of her eyes she watched as he would rise from his seat to pull a few books off the shelves, to only return with a few tomes. Silence once more until he spoke moments later. Figures he wouldn’t have memorized the schedule yet but she decided not to call him up on the matter. After all everything was going smoothly at the moment.

“Tonight I’m taking the first shift with Remus. And then Severus and Narcissa will be taking the second.”

Lily had opted to patrol with Remus so they could have a chance to possibly talk. They didn’t get much time in private when he was around his friends and this would give them a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the common room. She’d pulled out her planner to mark down the meeting with Dumbledore, closing the book.

“Alright, did you want to just meet there or walk together?”

Why had she even bothered to ask him that? She was actually asking James Potter to walk with her to the Headmaster’s office. It wasn’t as if they wouldn’t see each other there. What was wrong with her? A mental shake of her head would be useless to clear her thoughts.
19th-Jan-2007 01:49 am (UTC)
"Alright," He said, making a note on a scrap of parchment that he promptly tucked away in his shirt pocket as he divested himself of his robes. It suddenly occured to him that his tie had actually been fastened all day as well. He hurriedly (but subtly, he hoped) popped the button around his neck, loosening the offending article and breathing a slight sigh of relief.

God, what was happening to him?

Although he didn't suppose it was that bad, he thought to himself. Lily had chuckled several times. Several! That was unprecedented in his company, and she'd actually smiled. And this time it wasn't a "you're about to be shuffled off the mortal coil" smile, but a genuine one that he'd put there. He couldn't help the grin, and the slightly uncharacteristic mumble of a reply as she asked him if he wanted to walk with her.

Really, he thought, I can wake up now. This is getting too weird, and I'm not going to want to if it carries on like this. Glancing up at her, his own cinammon eyes meeting her emerald ones, he hoped that he wasn't blushing and that she didn't immediately regret asking him as his lips seemed to move of their own accord.

"D'you really have to ask?" He said, before kicking himself mentally. "I mean, it would make sense for us to go together. Since we're in the same place to start with. We can compare notes...or something..."


He looked away in slight embarassment (a fact that he would never admit out loud), thankful at that point that Remus wasn't actually there to witness his little cock up. Shit, he wasn't used to this. He was conditioned to hearing her tell him that she wouldn't go near him if he were the last man on the face of the earth, that all she held for him was distaste. Not actually ask him if they wanted to spend time together.

Okay, maybe that wasn't exactly what she'd said, but he allowed himself that one, small delusion.
18th-Jan-2007 03:36 am (UTC)
Narcissa Black walked down the hall and entered the library. She would be meeting Lucius here in a bit so the two of them could work on a Defense against the Dark Arts project together. She was looking forward to this. Not the project, but working with Lucius. She hadn't had a chance to see him too much in the weeks before school starting. Just a bit here and there. Nothing pleased her more than spending time with him, even if it was doing a bit of school work with him, but she would never admit it, not just yet anyway. She would have to eventually, she knew this, but he never quite admitted it himself either. She knew he liked spending time with her as he was always making excuses to see her but he never openly admitted it to her. There relationship was just that of an understanding of one another, for one another actually. She did love him though. That she was certain of.

She found an empty table in the far corner of the library. She took her bag off of her shoulder and placed it on the table. She then removed her cloak and draped it over a chair carefully, making sure it was not touching the ground. She pulled her right hand up to her head and put her fingers through her long blond hair a few times making sure it was perfect as always. She wanted to look good for him. Not that she usually didn't. Beauty was a thing that came naturally for Narcissa, but there was always room to accentuate it a bit. She smiled to herself and settled herself down in a chair, crossing her legs. She reached into her bag and pulled out her quill, a bottle of ink and a few rolls of parchment, and layed them out on the table in front of her. She then reached back into her bag and pulled out her Defense against the Dark Arts text book and opened it to the chapter on the nonverbal defensive spell for blocking the imperious curse.

Narcissa smiled a bit, thinking back to when they got this assignment. Blocking a spell that was used well bt the Death Eaters to control many witches and wizards was something of a favorite of hers. She would one day soon join their ways and most likely be the one administering it, not having to block it, but still, she wanted to master the art. Lucky for her nonverbals was one of her stronger skills.

She leaned back in her chair and decided to wait for Lucius to arrive before she got started. Pulling her hand back up to her hair she began running her fingers back through it and twirling it a bit around her finger.
18th-Jan-2007 04:04 am (UTC)
Amazing. He had survived an entire class period working with Lily Evans...and had managed not to hex anyone. With as much as it bored him to be in the library, he had a Defense Against the Dark Arts project to do, non verbal defense for the imperius curse. The very thought made him laugh. He, a soon to be Death Eater, learning to defend against the curse that would be one of his greatest weapons. But,luckily for him, it was with Narcissa and no one else...unworthy of his presence.

He entered the library, gray eyes peering about as he went for any sign of Narcissa. He frowned slightly when he lay eyes upon James Potter. How he loathed the boy, but there wasn't much he could do about it...not at the present moment in time at least. He tugged at his gloves as he passed, trying to keep his mind on the task at hand. He rather enjoyed working with Narcissa...hell, he enjoyed being with her, though that was a fact he kept to himself. In mixed company, everyone was beneath Lucius Malfoy.

He turned down a row of shelves, narrowly avoiding the testy librarian, Madame Pince. She didn't fancy him much, but he didn't find that surprising, what with all the times he had caused chaos in there, getting into heated arguments with James and his cohorts, which often ended in a flurry of hexes. He emerged from between the shelves, looking around for any sign of Narcissa. And there she was, in the back corner of the library, running her elegant fingers through her amazing blond hair. He allowed a small smile, making his way over, winding his path through the other tables.

"Drive me mad when you do that, you know." He quirked a brow, coupled with that sly smirk as he set his bag down, taking the seat across from her.

18th-Jan-2007 05:01 am (UTC)
She heard his voice and smiled before turning around to face him. "I know it drives you mad, as you have told me before, as well as some of my other little things I do." She turned her smile into her alluring one she used for him only. Her pearl white teeth just barely showing through her red lips. He had a few things that drove her mad as well, simple things. Like the way his eyes changed from hard and steel like to soft and inviting when he looked at her. She also found it amusing, the way he tugged at the top of his gloves when he was getting agitated. Simple things like that. Even the sneer he gave when looking at something that detested him. To most, probably all others, it was a sign of hatred. to her, it was a sign of who he really was, a Malfoy. They were alike that way, their way of thinking. They were pure and noble, something to be very proud of.

She watched as he took the seat across from hers, a little disapointed he didn't sit next to her, but in all honesty, that was like him. She decided to play a bit with him. She stood up from her chair and slowly walked passed the table and walked around him, being careful to move her figure most seductively. She ran her hand across his back, just barely touching him and leaned over beside him, her short skirt trailing up a bit as she did this. She took the chair next to his and slid it towards him and sat down in it. They were now not that far apart. this would make the project a bit more interesting.

She smiled up at him and looked into his eyes before setting off a sly laugh. "Can you believe this? Blocking the imperious curse." She giggled in an alluring way. "If they only knew the true beauty of this spell, they wouldn't be teaching others to block it, but to administer it."
18th-Jan-2007 06:23 pm (UTC)
Marlene sighed softly as she pushed open the big wooden door of the library, a small smile appearing on her lips. Somehow, being in this place really meant that she was back at school, for good… and for the last time. Frowning lightly as her mind started to wander again in places she didn’t want it to go to, she slightly and impatiently shook her head, forcing the thoughts to go away. They could come back at night, then she’d be able to deal with them on her own. Now she couldn’t and she didn’t want to anyway. She had made up her mind in the potion classroom to enjoy her last year and she was going to!

With her mind firmly set on that, the light came back to her eyes and her lips curved upward once again as she walked in the library, smiling lightly at Mrs. Pince and heading to the closest table she saw. She took her schoolbag off her back, setting it on the table and absentmindedly running a hand through her hair to put a bit of order in it. She headed to the book shelves, trying to find what she was looking for. As soon as she did, she grabbed it and returned to her table, sitting down on the cracking wooden chair, crossing her legs under the table and opening the book, reading through the pages, looking for something that would be useful to her. When her eyes fell on the exact words she was looking for, she took out a long piece of parchment along with her quill and a small bottle of ink and started carefully rewriting the needed information, biting her bottom lip and playing with her hair. She didn’t know if the student with whom she had been paired up for this assignment would come and help her. He hadn’t said a word when the pairings had been called out. She hadn’t either, she had contented herself with becoming very pale, a bit like Lily when she had heard her partner for the potion making would be Lucius, though maybe a bit more. Severus Snape… she didn’t hate him like most people did. She didn’t hate anybody. But the guy didn’t like anybody, and she was no exception to the rule… the fact that she wasn’t pureblood in his eyes as well probably didn’t help. Friendly or not, he was a Slytherin to the core, and even if both her mother and father were wizards, her mother was a muggle born and some people considered her as half blood because of it. She didn’t care – her blood was what it was, nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, if she could have changed something from it, she would have removed all trace of pureness that came from her father’s side of the family. Unfortunately for her, it was not possible…

She was nervous too about working with someone who was so often filled with… loathing. She had never seen him smiled, apart from his usual cold and mean smirk, and she didn’t feel really comfortable around him… well, she didn’t feel comfortable about most boys, but this one was probably even worse than most of them…

Sighing as she couldn’t concentrate on what she was writing, she put her quill down, knowing that she would probably end up writing things that made no sense whatsoever if she didn’t stop now. Putting her elbows on the table and resting her chin in her open palms, she looked around the library. Narcissa Black and Lucius Malfoy were working together, probably on their assignment too, though it looked much more like flirting than working by times. And… her eyes widened slightly. Was that Lily Evans actually talking with James Potter? They seemed to be getting along fairly well… she gave a small smile. Apparently, this seven year at Hogwarts would be full of changes… and maybe some would be for the best after all.
18th-Jan-2007 10:47 pm (UTC)
Standing outside the library, Andromeda debated about entering to return the Muggle book hidden in her bag. Biting her lip in nervousness, she imagined the outrage from her sisters, hell the entire Slytherin house, if she was caught with this book. The first time Andromeda had borrowed it, it was early in the morning when the library was empty. She didn't even think about how in Merlin she would return the damn book. Deciding to just rush in, Andromeda opened the library door and went in. Her black heels skidded to a sudden halt when she realized how crowded the library was. As Andromeda stepped back with the intention of leaving, her elbow knocked over a tall floating pile of dusty volumes.

Inwardly grimacing, Andromeda bent over to stack the books back up. “Great going Black,” she muttered to herself. “You try to sneak in quietly and you end up being the center of attention.” As she stacked the last book on top, the pile rose once more and floated away.

Glancing up, Andromeda caught sight of Narcissa looking quizzingly at her. Sweeping her blond bangs off her forehead, she gave her sister a slight smile of greeting as she headed toward the corner table. Usually Andromeda would have gladly joined Cissy, yet she was already with Lucius. And from the looks of it they looked very…busy. Although busy was an understatement as it seemed as though Narcissa was in danger of sliding onto Lucius’s lap if she scooted any closer. Andromeda smirked to herself as she glanced at the couple again. Spotting the glint in Lucius’s grey eyes, she knew that if that were to happen, he wouldn’t mind a bit.
19th-Jan-2007 07:32 am (UTC)
Remus entered the library at a slow place, the reason for it and his delay evident due to the small first year Hufflepuff that walked at his side, chattering endlessly about how lost she had been. He looked a bit uncomfortable, although he nodded a few times in the appropriate places to show that he was paying attention, though her words ran together in a sentence that seemed to go on and on.

"and then I saw the Hea-- oh! There's Addie!" and then she was off across the library to where a group of other Hufflepuff first years had been working on their essays for some class or another. Remus watched her go for a moment. That was.. interesting. She'd run into him in the corridor, almost knocking them both over. He had somehow caught her quickly said words about needing to find the library and offered her to show her the way since he was going there himself. Agreeing, she had talked nonstop the entire time there. He gave a small amused shake of his head, before hazel eyes scanned over the other students and tables. They were supposed to be starting research on a potion of some sort, not Remus' favorite subject, but one that he was fairly decent in.

Remus was quite happy with his pairing, although he had to secretly admit to himself that he wouldn't have minded terribly if he'd been paired with Marlene again. She seemed like a nice enough girl, and knew what she was doing... plus she seemed the type that could do with another friend. Although then again many could say for the same for Remus and yet he usually felt content with those he did have, never taking such relationships for granted, because he knew what it was like to do without them. Still, he was a tad worried for the Ravenclaw, but surely she had friends of her own to talk to. Speaking of Marlene, his gaze paused on her, felt sympathy for her working with Severus. A small, but warm, smile appeared as he gave her a small nod in greeting, before he continued looking.

Slughorn, despite his moments of pairing insanity, had done somewhat well with this project’s. Now he just had to find his..And there was James..talking to Lily of all people, although that was not a surprise despite the rising of eyebrows. What did come as a surprise was that there seemed to be no amount of yelling coming from the table, nor hexes. Although.. perhaps they hadn't been there very long. Remus didn't know, but was quite certain that James could afford, nor could Remus afford for James, to be tossed out of the Library by Madam Pince because he was disrupting her library or .. even bothering Lily who seemed to be one of her favorites. Approaching the table, he stopped just beside it with a look of curiousity, eyes going from one to the other before settling on Lily with a grin.

"Hello Lily." A shift of view to James. “James.”
20th-Jan-2007 11:18 am (UTC)
"Moony!" James greeted as he stood up, clapping the other boy amicably (if not a little too forcefully) on the shoulder.

"Potter, shut up!" Pince snapped from where she was...conveniently...indexing the Herbology stacks near their position. "This is a library, not a Quidditch field." James winced, before sitting back down, suitably chastened.

"Sorry Madam Pince." He mumbled, as she raised her nose haughtily and walked off. "You evil old hag..."

He glanced up at his friend, shifting his satchel so that he had a clear working space. "Evans has the book with the stuff on fluxweed that we need, but I've got a couple of other ones we can use while she's busy with it." He motioned towards the thick, heavy tomes that he'd brought over earlier. "And I got started with the notes on Anilsede...have you seen Padfoot anywhere? He should be here by now." James chattered slightly incessantly, glancing around like a lost kid with only one other Marauder. He was rarely seen without Sirius, the two were adhesive to the point of nearly being joined at the hip. Remus less so, and Peter tended to hang on whenever he wasn't in classes, but they were still near-constant, favoured presences in the world of James Potter. Of course, having a certain roguish, black-haired youth around was an instant recipe for disaster...and Evans hadn't shouted at him in a couple of days...

Oh well, what did they say about all good things? He thought to himself with a grin.

"Are we all set to deal with your furry little problem?" He added sotto voce, leaning in slightly conspiratorially.
21st-Jan-2007 06:07 am (UTC)
Notoriously late, as usual. He was to be working with Evans on an assignment...some potions assignment or something. He sauntered into the library, utterly unprepared for any "work" he might be having to soon do. His eyes followed a beautiful blond Hufflepuff girl, who quickly dodged behind a bookcase with a furious blush. He certainly would be "working."

The library was such a bore. Really. He whistled his way along, slipping between the bookcases trying to locate Evans. This earned him a good few raised brows from students trying to study.

"Shut up, Black!" He quickened his pace as Madame Pince's shrill voice filled his ears, turning a corner before she could get to him. Insufferable woman. He continued on about his way, winking at the pretty girls as he passed with that sly (and as Lily often told him, stupid) grin on his face. He couldn't help that he was naturally attractive and that the young witches flocked to him.


That had to be James. He stopped in the middle of a row of books and listened a moment, making sure he wasn't going to rush off towards someone completely different. He was thick like that sometimes, but he really was smarter than he looked.

"Are we all set to deal with your furry little problem?" Yep. That was James alright. All thoughts of the assignment with Evans were pushed from his mind and he rounded the corner, slinging an arm around James' shoulders.

"Is it that time of the month again already, Moony?" He gave a grin, leaning on James.

21st-Jan-2007 11:58 am (UTC)
"Padfoot!" James grinned, folding his arms as his best friend leant on him before he glanced to the side. "Er, where's your bag?" He rolled his eyes. "You had it when we left Potions, how could you not have it now? You'd better not have lost it, the Map..." He trailed off, wincing as he realised that Evans was sitting right there, about to be privvy to one of the greatest of the Marauder secrets. "...of the grounds. The one that I need for...orienteering...is there."

Inwardly, he cursed himself, as he was pretty sure Remus and Sirius were close to doing, judging by the looks they were both sending him.

"Anyway, see Evans?" He grinned, tousling the boy's hair. "Told you he'd show up. Besides..."

"Potter! Black!" A sudden, sharp hiss cut into their conversation. James swallowed, before turning to the source. Pince was there again, glasses perched precariously on the edge of her abnormally large, hooked nose, beady little eyes fixed upon the Head Boy.

"Yes, Madam Pince?" James tried flashing her the Potter grin once more. It didn't work - and by now he was worrying that he'd lost his edge.

"If I have to tell you two...miscreants..." James smirked, glancing at Lily for the apparent shared vocabulary she had with the Librarian, "To be quiet once more..."

"Your withered old heart might finally give out?" James muttered under his breath to Sirius.

"WHAT?" Pince shouted. "What did you say?"

"Just wondering when you'd be getting that new volume of advanced Charms by Josaiah Lockhart in, Madam Pince." James answered glibly.

"I...of all the ch...you read Lockhart?" She stammered, unseated by the Marauder's knowledge of such an obscure, yet highly respected author in the field. "Well...I suppose Hemlock is beautiful, even if it is deadly," She shot a glare at the two. James took note of the fact that Remus wasn't included in this, and was currently hiding in 'Elixirs & Enchantments'. "Any more interruptions and I'll begin taking House Points, do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal." Answered James, grinning before he muttered again as she stalked back to her desk, glancing at Sirius. "It's not like I can't just take them off Slytherin to make up for it."
21st-Jan-2007 08:34 pm (UTC)
Remus jerked minutely forward as James clapped him upon the shoulder a bit forcibly. "Prongs!" he greeted once again, although more softly than the other, with a playful grin only to snicker as the other was yelled at by the librarian.

The woman was fiercely protective and territorial of her domain, and would allow no one to disrespect it with anything above a whisper. He watched as James moved aside his satchel in order to make room. Removing his own from his shoulder and placing it next to the table, he took a seat, his gaze running over the various tomes, some of them looking as if they'd been on a shelf or well used for a while. Hazel eyes shifted to look at Lily once more, who had yet to say anything , at the mention of her having one of the books that they would need.

His attention shifted back to James as the other continued to chatter on. "No.. he probably got caught up in something." That something was left unsaid, there were many things that could distract Sirius, girls being ranked highly among them, that and academics wasn't exactly at the top of the other's list.. well.. it was possible.

Speaking of Sirius, the Gyrffindor in the next moment had an arm slung around James and a question to follow up James. Honestly, they made it sound as if he were a girl. "Hello to you too Padfoot," he said dryly, before answering, "and yes," he said, looking to James, "the furry little problem is set to be dealt with." as always, was left unsaid. Not so much as dealing, or maybe it was. It was a fact of life, or at least for Remus it was. Couldn't put into words how grateful he was toward them for making it a little easier.

He gave a subtle shake of his head, really now was not the time to think of it, it was still around 2 weeks off. Remus watched the play between the two of them with amusement, although he did glance over at Lily once more as James almost gave away the secret of the Marauder's Map, and then back to James as he saved it. Just as James was tousling Sirius' hair, his attention was once more turned to something else, though it was the descent of the librarian. Remus, quickly and wisely, picked up a text and opening it ducked his head and began to read, or rather.. pretended to read as he listened.

However, as he was about to glance upward at Pince's stammering, his gaze caught upon an entry in the book. An elixir to induce Euphoria. Idly thought that Severus could do with a good bout of Euphoria, but didn't actually say it as he read further into it. It didn't really have the instructions on how to brew it as it suggested reading Advanced Potion-Making for that.
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