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...And The World Held Its Breath.
A Marauders-Era RPG
RP: As plain as "Black" and white 
21st-Jan-2007 12:32 am
Date: 4th September, 1975
Character(s): Narcissa, Bellatrix and Andromeda Black
Location: A secret location in the dungeons
Status: Private
Summary: The three sisters discuss their lives, loves and future plans.
Completion: Incomplete

The Black sisters show their true colors....

21st-Jan-2007 07:24 am (UTC)
Narcissa Black walked along the corridor that lead to the Slytherin common room and took a look around to make sure no one was looking her way. She took a quick left and slid herself behind a statue of Salizar Slytherin. There was a secret door her that led to a secret location that not too many people knew about. Her Father had told her about this place. She used it quite often when she wanted some alone time to be able to talk to her sisters in privacy. She had told Bella and Meda to meet her here so they could discuss the events of their first day back at Hogwarts. She slid her fingers along the wall to trip the almost invisible lever and the door creaked open. Narcissa slid into the room and quickly closed the door behind her.

The room was small, dark and quite cold. She took out her wand and whispered, "Lumos" and the tip of her wand let off a trace of light so she could see. She then walked to the unlit torches that hung along the walls and did an inflamari spell to each one, lighting them. The newly illuminated torches now brightened the room quite a bit. The flames flickered and casted shadows on the wall.

The dungeons were not a place most people would like to come, but Narcissa was rather fond of them. She was used to this sort of setting. She was a Slytherin and their common room was in the dungeon as well as the potions class she attended. They also had a room like this back at the Black Manor where certain members of the family would meet to discuss secret affairs, not to be overheard by even some other members of her own family. Lately, Father had been letting her sit in on a few of these meetings. Her Father knew what Narcissa's goals in life were. She was a strong supporter of the Dark Lord and his beliefs and this couldn't have made her Father any more proud of her. It was one of the few things she could share with her Father. They were a tight knit family with strong bonds and beliefs but they were not close emotionally. The Black family members were quite cold to say the least. Death Eaters, most of them were, and that is the kind of character it takes to become a dark wizard. Narcissa's demeanor was like that to a point but she was able, at times to feel some hints of emotion, especially when she was around Lucius.

Bellatrix thought the same beliefs that Narcissa did, but Andromeda was a little harder to read. She loved her sister very much, but she was different than the rest of the family in more ways than one, especially when it came to discussions about the Dark Lord. Narcissa knew her sister went along with what was said, but she didn't voice a strong opinion on it like her and Bella did. Bella was the most outspoken of them all, and definitley the more colder of the three, she always had been, no matter what the topic at hand was.

Narcissa strolled slowly over to an old chair that was in the corner of the room and sat down to wait for her sisters to meet her. She found her thoughts drifting to Lucius and she sighed. The two of them were finally going to talk later tonight, alone, in the Astronomy tower.

Her thoughts quickly left her head at the sound of the door being slowly opened. She tightened up her grip on her wand and thrusted it forward. It was most likely one of her sisters entering but she was going to be ready, just in case.
25th-Jan-2007 05:33 am (UTC) - RP
Andromeda cautiously looked around her before slipping into the hidden room. Looking up, she stopped on her heels when she found a wand pointed right in her face. Stepping back for a moment, she rolled her eyes at Narcissa. “It’s just me Cissy.” Andromeda said as she slowly pushed her sister’s arm down. “Don’t accidentally hex me again. Madame Pomfrey will start to get suspicious.” She jokingly frowned at Narcissa. “Although I wonder if that time you hexed me was an actual accident or you meant to on purpose. It did happen right after I ruined your favorite dress robes.” Walking into the room, she dropped her bag next to the sofa as she collapsed on it with a sigh. “Can’t believe it’s the first day already.” Andromeda stretched as she let out a loud yawn.

Glancing up at Narcissa, she patted the seat next to her. “Why don’t you just relax?” Raising her eyebrows at her sister, she suddenly sat up straight. “So did you talk to Lucius yet? You said you were going to.” Andromeda slightly bit her lip as she waited for her sister’s answer. Knowing that Lucius Malfoy was a perfect match for Narcissa. Rich, handsome, and from one of the most prestigious pureblood wizarding families, there was nothing more Narcissa could ask for in a boyfriend. Yet there was just something…something about him that Andromeda did not like. Perhaps it was how he tugged on his annoying white gloves, his cold glittering grey eyes, or how he just spoke down to everyone as though he was royalty. Andromeda shook her head a bit. She just couldn’t put her finger on it. At least he treated Narcissa quite well. Their parents gave their wholehearted approval for this match. Yet…Andromeda knew that when it came her turn to choose someone, he would be quite different then Lucius. And that scared her a bit.
28th-Jan-2007 07:05 pm (UTC) - RP
To lazy, not easy enough, to lazy, no way in hell I’m doing that… Bellatrix Black thought as she flipped through the tremendous amount of homework she and her fellow Slytherins had already been loaded with, of coarse only the from the classes she bothered to attend. Her stone gray eyes wondered over to the large window in the Slytherin common room and saw the sky getting increasingly darker. Guess I’ll go meet Cissy and Meda. She thought, pushing forward her barely touched homework and standing up out of her chair.

The Slytherin common room was occupied by only about 10 students. It was still the first week back, and most students really didn’t feel like doing homework, guaranteed. Most students were taking this time to do some late unpacking, which Bella had yet to do, off with “someone special”, who Bella had yet to find, or a very small portion were doing homework. Pssh, like Bellatrix Black was really going to do homework.

Bella walked swiftly through the room and over towards the old portrait of Kazbah Hallowell. Hallowell was one of the first students ever accepted into Hogwarts, sorted into Slytherin, and of coarse, a pureblood. He was definitely a favorite among teachers, and ended up Hogwarts first Head Boy. Hallowell was a strict follower of Salizar Slytherin’s beliefs on blood purity. Pureblood: the only acceptable blood. After graduating Hogwarts Hallowell became a snake charmer, and was widely known for his skills. He died tragically after one of his snakes had lost control and attacked him. Shortly after this his portrait was hung as the passage way into the Slytherin common.

Bellatrix gave a small salute to Hallowell as she stepped through the portrait. She made a sharp right turn out into the corridor, then made an equally sharp left one, sliding carefully behind the statue of Salizar Slytherin. Making no attempt to stay quiet, she pushed open the door, walked with a strong gait through, and closed it behind her. She rolled her eyes when she saw Andromeda sitting on the couch with Narcissa across from her with her wand outstretched. “Cissy, put that away.” She demanded.

Bellatrix was often like that with her sisters, demanding. To outsider of the large Black family, it would seem like Bella didn’t care about them. But to anyone in it, they knew that deep down, past her rough exterior, she cared. Narcissa was the closest age wise to Bella. When they were younger they we’re very close, and still are. Bella and Cissy had always shared the same beliefs about almost everything. But more recently, Bellatrix had been getting a strange feeling from Narcissa, almost as if she’s been keeping something from her. And Bella didn’t like it.

Andromeda was a different story. She was still Bella’s sister, and Bella still loved her, but she was just… different. She would always say that she agreed with Bellatrix’s, Narcissa’s, and generally the entire Black family’s (excluding the blood traitor Sirius of coarse) ways of thinking, but never really said them with the air of confidence the rest of them had. Bella cared a lot about her younger sister, and wanted the best for her, but also wanted her to follow Black custom. Deatheaters. Nearly all Black’s were, and Bella would be no exception once she graduated. She expected and hoped for her sisters to do the same.

“I hate to say it, but Meda’s right. You do need to relax Cissy.” Bellatrix said, taking a seat in a chair across from her two sisters.

“Oh, yes, you did say you would talk to him. So, have you?” She said, the infamous Black smirk plastered on her lips.
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