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...And The World Held Its Breath.
A Marauders-Era RPG
RP: In my humble opinion, the world has gone mad 
1st-Feb-2007 01:49 am
Date: 22nd September, 1975
Characters: James Potter, Lily Evans
Location: The Owlry
Status: Private
Summary: James and Lily have an hour in the tower.
Completion: Incomplete

It was a cool morning, the brisk feeling of the cold finally beginning to descend and make its way through James' robe and his faded Gryffindor scarf as he glanced around for his owl. All around him, birds were arriving back from their night's hunts, beginning to doze off or finishing their captive meals, a soft cacophony of rustling feathers and clicking beaks accompanying low, gentle hoots. He had two letters clutched between his fingers, one a letter home, updating them on his progress at school and simply keeping in touch. The other...well...that was something different.

Before they'd gone to help Remus deal with his furry little problem last night, Sirius had decided to embark upon a crusade of merciless teasing that would have made even McGonagall blush (James still wasn't convinced that she could do anything but frown disapprovingly - he was sure it was the ginger newts). Apparently the boy had decided that James was acting all-too responsible these days, what with his rounds and his rotas and, as he'd put it, "the amount of time you've wasted with that Evans girl that could have been spent on more worthwhile endeavours". Of course, much to the boy's chagrin, any time he'd had with the girl recently hadn't been used for the usual one-sided (although he liked to convince himself that it went both ways) flirting, but for dealing with student problems, sorting out prefects, liaising with the staff and a whole host of other issues.

And the homework, oh Merlin, the homework. He would have thought that they'd be cut a little slack in their final year, but no. Apparently, the real world had other ideas, and they were called NEWTs. NEWTs, you see, were not fun, they were hard and gruelling and all those other adjectives James disliked. He'd been spoiled, he supposed, things had always come so naturally to him, so easily that he'd rarely had to truly apply himself. Even the OWLs, which were by far the most intensive periods of schooling he'd had in terms of study, had been completed with a modicum of ease in comparison to the others in his year. He excelled at subjects that most found difficult - Transfiguration being the obvious one. He smiled tiredly as he thought of the night before, three of the Marauders keeping the Wolf company in their animagus forms - their own, private secret and experience that bound them together more surely than any other tie of friendship could, than any bond of camraderie could glue.

Of course that companionship could backfire, especially amongst men, since he tended to actually listen to what his friends said (as opposed to most others), which was why Sirius had managed to hit a nerve with pinpoint precision, cutting through the haze of "Head James" as he was now known amongst the Marauders (well, by Sirius, and by proxy Peter) and making him send off an order to Zonko's for one of their deluxe troublemaker hampers. Guaranteed to send any teacher (or Slytherin upstart) into an early grave. He smiled again as he finally spied his owl, beckoning to her as he yawned. Over the years, he'd become used to these nights of no sleep after a full moon, but usually he took the time to get a couple of hours kip after making sure Madam Pomfrey collected Remus from the Shrieking Shack. Now, though, he was in the Owlry at a stupid time in the morning...and he couldn't help but wonder whose footsteps were echoing up the stairs...
1st-Feb-2007 02:31 am (UTC)
A yawn escaped her perfect lips as emerald eyes would peek through long, dark lashes. Lily Evans would always wake up before the rest of her dorm mates but now that she had her own room she wouldn’t disturb them. She had stayed up late last night working on her rounds for Head duties. A tired smile would peek its way through as her feet would lead the way. By now she could find her way around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with her eyes closed. She had left her robes back in her room since she was only making a quick run to the Owlry. Lily had slipped into a comfortable pair of fitted jeans and a white turtle neck sweater to keep the morning chill out. Her long crimson locks would be thrown in a messy ponytail.

Lily would have assumed she was one of few people awake at this early hour. In her hand she had a letter clutched. The previous night after dinner she had received a letter from her mother. What she had found in the envelop had caused a grimace to spread on her features that night. Her older sister Petunia was marrying that tub of lard Veron Dursley. Of course she knew Petunia would rather Lily not even show up but her parents wanted her involved in the wedding. Reluctantly Petunia had made her a bridesmaid; her mother had made it seem her sister actually wanted her. Lily knew best. But for her parents she would agree to be in the wedding, fittings for her dress would be during her winter holidays and the wedding would be the following break. Thinking of her sister always put her in a foul mood. She would have sent the reply back the night before but something had come up and she couldn’t make it there. Which brought her to where she was now, walking towards the Owlry to deliver her unenthusiastic response.

It wouldn’t take long to reach there. In fact she found herself walking up the steps to the Owlry in on time at all. The click of her heels would echo on the cold stone steps. Her hand barely grazed the railing she was holding on to. Reaching the top she would pull open the door peeking around it. What met her gaze shocked her. James Potter stood there looking straight at her. Merlin was playing a cruel joke on her it seemed. It seemed she could never walk a few feet without bumping into him of all people. A tight smile would appear on those lips as she walked further inside. Her gaze would turn upwards to search for her own owl. Offhandedly she would greet him.

“I’m surprised Potter, I wouldn’t have taken you for a morning person.”

She didn’t mean for it to come off as snappish if she did. Then her mood wasn’t because of him, it was because of her sister. Lily wouldn’t let James’ presence bother her that morning and she would try to remain civil.
1st-Feb-2007 02:42 am (UTC)
As much as he liked the fiery redhead, he didn't have the patience to retort wittily right now, and his shoulder was beginning to ache from where he was sure that Remus had thrown it out of joint a few hours ago when he'd been Prongs, wrestling with him in the Forest.

"Mmm," He grunted noncommitally as he palmed the Zonko's envelope with a quick flick of his wrist. It wouldn't do to have any witnesses to his little purchases right now, let alone Evans of all people. "I'm not. Morning, Lily." He replied, his voice deep and raspy from the lack of sleep he'd had recently. His owl landed on his forearm, waiting patiently as James tucked the letter to his parents into its messenger bag before he turned away from her. "What brings you here so early, thought you were on the night shift last night?"

He fished around in his pockets for the small bag of owl treats he'd bought with him, feeding one to the creature almost absently as he looked at her through ringed eyes. "I take it Sirius hasn't been pulling his weight with the Potions work?" He continued almost rhetorically, yawning again and hissing angrily at his owl as she nipped at his fingers, waiting for another treat. "Speaking of which, do you know what the class assignment is yet for today? I haven't had a chance to look over my notes, this Charms work has been kicking my arse."
1st-Feb-2007 10:05 am (UTC)
“I was but hadn’t had the chance to send my mum a reply last night to her letter. And according to her it’s quite urgent that I get back to her soon.”

Why was she explaining herself to him? Most likely because she was tired and didn’t think twice of it. Wouldn’t want to ruin Petunia’s extravagant plans, not like she cared all the much. In the end Petunia was still her sister and she would do this favor for her parents, not for her. Ever since she found out she was a witch, Petunia had labeled her a freak. And Veron had stayed far away from her the moment he walked into their house. Obviously Petunia had no qualms telling him; after all they were going to be married. She was losing herself in her thoughts and for a moment she forgot that James Potter was standing right there. Mentally she would shake her head and she would call for her own owl. It had been a gift to her for her birthday last year; smiling at the tawny owl she would place the letter in the holder. But her owl had other plans and had begun to poke around for her own treats. Smiling sweetly at her she would reach in her pocket to pull out a few, feeding them to the bird, lightly patting her head. For the most part she was done here when the owl took off to deliver the letter.

“You would be correct. When I get my hands on Black – “

Her words seemed to trail off after that as a thought struck her. Biting down on her lower lip she realized how that might sound. She didn’t want to be just another punch line. Then again James was different when his friends weren’t around, he seemed, normal almost? Her emerald green gaze would finally turn to him again as a brow would rise in curiosity. Why wasn’t she surprised by that?

“We were supposed to have the Introduction and chapters one and two in our text read for today’s class. The assignment is from the reading we had to do. If you haven’t read the material it will be quite difficult to do the assignment.”

With their NEWTs right around the corner their professors had been piling on the work. In a way it was a cruel test to weed out the stronger students from the weaker ones. The ones that somehow managed to scrape through would be prepared. The ones that were left behind would be the ones to suffer come the exams.
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