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...And The World Held Its Breath.
A Marauders-Era RPG
Let's just finally admit this 
21st-Jan-2007 01:13 am
Date: 4th September, 1975
Character(s): Narcissa Black and Lucius Malfoy
Location: The Astronomy tower
Status: Private
Summary: Lucius and Narcissa talk about their future
Completion: Incomplete

Where does our future lead?

22nd-Jan-2007 05:01 am (UTC)
It was the kind of night that Lucius Malfoy enjoyed the most. Calm and quiet, a haze of clouds obstructing the moon. The wind tousled his hair slightly as he stood, leaning against the side wall of the Astronomy Tower. He really shouldn't be there...but then again...that's why he was. He was to be meeting Narcissa Black there they were going to chat a bit. He smirked at the thought. As if they'd be "just talking."

Then again, he had been a bit reluctant to come, just because of that fact. Talking. It wasn't something the Lucius did well, at least not on the level he expected Narcissa would be wishing to talk to him at. He wasn't exactly...touchy feely. He knew his future and he knew it well. He would be like the rest of his family, a Death Eater. As it should be.

She would be there any minute now, he expected as he looked up at the hazy stars. They reflected back in an almost dazzling way in his gray eyes, giving them the look of a person with feeling. Lucius had no need for feeling, only when absolutely necessary. But then again...there was Narcissa. When she was close to him he felt...he felt. He felt things for he that he felt for no other person. It was amazing and disturbing all at the same time. True, he managed to hold a cool demeanor when he was around her, but he would get very...nervous as much as he hated to admit it. The jitters...something Lucius thought he would never get.

He heaved a sigh and looked down along the wall of the tower...she'd be along any time now.
22nd-Jan-2007 06:19 am (UTC)
Narcissa Black made her way across the Hogwarts grounds and began climbing the stairs up the astronomy tower. A playful smile played on her lips. She was meeting Lucius Malfoy here tonight. She had asked him to come so they could spend a little alone time together and discuss the things that needed to be discussed. Their future mainly and their feelings for one another if Narcissa could ever get them out of him. She loved him probably more than he knew but she had never gotten up the courage to tell him yet. This was so unlike her too. Narcissa had always been the lay it out on the line kind of person but being with Lucius made her feel different, not in a bad way, not at all, but for some reason she just never told him her true feelings. But, then again neither did he. "Tonight." She whispered into the night air. Yes tonight would be the perfect night to talk about it, tell him everything.

As she made her way up to the top of the tower she spotted Lucius standing there leaning against the wall. He was illuminated by the moonlight and she could see his hair moving in the breeze. She bit her lip and gazed at him for a moment, not moving. He was so handsome and the way he held his head high, like a pureblood should, was something that excited her in a way. He was a Malfoy, a wizard from one of the most well known and respected pureblood family's in the wizarding world, he had every right to hold his head like that in her opinion. It was something that he did, just another thing that drove her mad with the desire to be with him.

She walked slowly over to him and gave him that trademark alluring smile like she always did when she saw him. Her long blonde hair flowing in the breeze. "I am glad you agreed to met me here." She spoke to him gently. "There are quite a few things I think we need to talk about, things that we have been putting off for way too long now." She brought her hands up to her hair as she spoke to him, combing it a bit with her fingers. Pushing the strands away that has blown into her face by the breeze.
23rd-Jan-2007 01:17 am (UTC)
He turned his head just slightly as he heard the footsteps coming up the stone steps behind him. It was Narcissa (to his relief) and she was looking as beautiful as ever. Hard as Lucius might try he couldn't deny what he felt for her. He turned fully to face her, leaning his back against the wall now, folding his arms across his chest.

"How could I resist?" He gave a sly smirk,tilting his head just so. So that was it. She wanted to talk to him about their...feelings. He wanted to cringe at the very idea, but he knew it was going to come up eventually. Putting off. That he had and if he had it his way he would continue to, but she had him cornered and there was no escape unless they both got caught. He mocked a confused quirk of the brow. "What could I have possibly been putting off?"
23rd-Jan-2007 02:28 am (UTC)
Narcissa walked over close to Lucius. She saw the way he gave her that sly smirk of his and she had to smile a bit. He was so like that. So sure of himself, but she liked that. It was funny that way. The things about others that most people despised were the things that attracted her. Different she was for thinking this way, but that was Narcissa for you. She enjoyed the more darker things in life and Lucius was one of them.

She heard his reply to her comments and eyed him for a minute before speaking to him. "Well, i think it's about time we discuss what the future holds for us. We both plan on joining the Dark Lord when we are finished with our magical education and what I want to know is if you plan on going it alone or if you plan on doing it with...She took a deep breath before uttering the last word, me?"

She bit her lip and waited for his reply. She thought she knew what his answer would be, but still this was Lucius she was talking to and he had a tendancy to be quite evasive with his feelings, but, then again so was she. The time had come to lay it on the line and figure out what the future would behold for them.
13th-Feb-2007 03:02 am (UTC)
He watched as she moved closer to him, quirking his brow as she did so. If only he knew what she did to him...but he hid it well, luckily for him. He leaned over close to her, smirking all the while, making as if to whisper in her ear before he walked away, looking thoughtful.

"Future?" He looked over his shoulder at her, tilting his chin up just slightly. He was arrognat like that...matters of his future just wern't discussed...usually. He smirked, looking at her. He knew that she had aspirations to be a Death Eater as well, but he had never really thought of the possibility of them going at it...together. "What is it you want?" He countered, leaning back against the low wall.
13th-Feb-2007 03:52 am (UTC)
Narcissa stood there watching Lucius, taking in his handsome appearance. As he moved closer to her she felt that tingling sensation throughout her body she always did when he was this close to her. She watched the smirk on his face and smiled at him. He went a bit closer to her and then walked away from her a bit. She hated when he did this. If things were ever going to get anywhere between them it looked like she was going to have to make the first move.

"Future?" She heard him say. "Yes, our future." She replied to him and took a deep breath. He was so stubborn at times. He knew damn well what she was talking about. She saw the smirk reappear on his face and then she took another deep breath and spoke to him.

"What do I want?" She asked, repeating his question and she began pacing around in the small area in which they were standing. "Well I think we both want the same things out of life. We want what are families want for us. To follow in their footsteps and to join the Dark Lord." She stopped pacing and looked up at him, her blue eyes locking into his gray ones.

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